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Kreablo is looking for businesses that want to start using a wiki or who already have a wiki and want to transform it according to their needs. We work exclusively with carefully selected open source software and offer services primarily related to XWiki and MediaWiki

Our Services:

  • implementation, operation, hosting, management,
  • support and training
  • development of new functions, integrations with other systems,
  • content processing
  • lectures / workshops around Wikipedia

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MediaWiki is probably the most common wiki engine because many users learn what a wiki is by using Wikipedia. The encyclopedia Wikipedia uses the wiki engine MediaWiki, which was originally designed to provide Wikipedia and other similar sister projects.


Customer: Akvo - an international foundation that provides governments, companies, foundations, NGOs and other businesses with digital and open infrastructure that facilitates their work in combating poverty. Akvo's headquarters is located in the Netherlands, while employees are in 13 countries on five continents. Akvo's tools are open source software and are used by hundreds of organizations around the world in areas such as water, sanitation, health, education, agriculture, environmental protection and economic development.

Mission: Kreablo develops and manages Akvopedia - a free knowledge bank on water and sanitation issues. Akvopedia aims to provide a thorough introduction to water and sanitation technology, financing and processes required to implement and maintain projects in water and sanitation.



  • Kreablo is proud to be part of Akvos "Extended team":
  • "Now I've found some time to look at the plugin. Overall it looks great, and your coding is so much nicer than the previous instance!"

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XWiki is one of the more popular wikis according to Wikimatrix. It is a direct competitor of proprietary wikis such as Confluence. XWiki is often used as a knowledge base, collaborative intranet, team collaboration tool, public web site or business application.


Customer: The Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefit Agency (TLV) - a Swedish state authority.

Assignment: Development and management of a decision support for dental care compensation. More specifically, Kreablo's responsibility is the technical platform.


Users: Dental care in Sweden, Försäkringskassan and Tandvårds- och drug drug benefit.

Testimonial: ”TLV has engaged Kreablo for a web-based knowledge support that has been developed on the technical platform Xwiki. The collaboration has worked well and we are very pleased with the result. We can recommend Kreablo! ”

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